Recreation for Mental Health

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Inspiring Practices 

Beacon Program:  The Beacon Program is a community based Psychosocial Rehabilitation program for persons with severe and persistent mental illness. It is a voluntary program which empowers individuals to make choices, gain skills and find a more-satisfying life in the community with the greatest amount of independence possible.

SCRI Society: The Club:  “The Club” is for people who are aged 11 and up. Lots of us have disabilities, special needs, or difficulties with learning and communication.  The Club has special programs, activities and events – members can help plan them, and make them happen.

Getting Through the Door:  Getting Through the Door was developed to help isolated adults, eighteen years and older, living with mental illness and/or addictions access recreation and volunteer activities in their communities. The goal of the program is to increase social inclusion.

Wilderness Wellness:  Wilderness Wellness supports the recovery and rehabilitation of individuals experiencing mental health issues through the combination of recreation and a safe, supportive, natural environment. The program provides patients with the opportunity to develop goals, make new social connections, and improve on or learn functional skills.